Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Program Enables You To Earn 40% Commission On Each Sale

What Do You Get as an Affiliate?


HEDARO's Affiliate Program is managed through Gumroad, a trusted and reputable company

Receive a sales notification email whenever a sale is made

Earn a 40% Commission on each sale you refer

Get paid every other Friday

As my customers I want to exclusively give all of you the opportunities to become an affiliate. This will give you the chance to get back the money you have spent on any of my products, make some extra cash on the side, or try and see if selling online is something you may want to try.

What is an Affiliate?

As an affiliate, you are able to sell anything on my online store and you get a percentage of the final sale. For my store, I am going to give you 40% of the profits. So if you sell $100 worth of tutorials, you will get $40 in your pocket.

What if I have no experience selling anything online?

That is not a problem. All you will get from me is a link to one or all of my tutorials. If you have a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account all you have to do is simply paste the link and you are good to go. People will then click on the link, make a purchase, and you get 40% of the sale. Yes, it can be that simple.

Do you offer an Ebook that tells me everything I need to know about becoming an Affiliate?

Yes! Just click on the SIGN ME UP TODAY button on this page and I will give you the link to get your FREE Ebook that includes step-by-step instructions.