Tornado Tutorial

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Tornado Tutorial - Learn how to build websites using Python

If you are not on the web then you are no where. These days you need to get your data on the web. This is by far the
best way to share your analysis. It can be through your company's intranet, a blog, or your own web site. Sharing your
work through Excel, Word, or even PowerPoint is not enough. You will be asked to create web applications that live on the net.
They have to be able to read data from databases, show up on smart phones, and the end users have to be able to interact with it.
You can't start a business without a website, can you? Well, you might in some odd fashion, but having a web presence is a great way to market yourself.
Having the skills to put together a simple web page for your portfolio, resume, or start-up is very important. Learning about HTML,
CSS, and Javascript are useful web technologies that you need to have under your belt.

Build and Deploy Web Pages + Heroku Bundle


How to Deploy your Tornado Application

This Ebook (includes code) will show you how to get your Tornado web application on the internet using Heroku. As a bonus, this bundle comes with three fully functional web applications.

What is Heroku?

Heroku is a cloud platform that lets companies build, deliver, monitor and scale apps

BONUS: Three Fully Functional Tornado Web Applications

What Will You Learn:

  • Learn about logging
  • Learn how to create applications for mobile phones
  • Learn about server-side input validation
  • Learn about front-end input validation
  • Learn how to pass parameters from your HTML forms into Python
  • Learn how to gracefully handle errors
  • Learn how to pass data from Python to your web page
  • Learn how to add database functionality to your web applications
  • Learn how to query your database and display the results in an HTML table