About Us

At Hedaro, our main goal is to teach others what we love to do, which of course, is playing with data. Hedaro welcomes anyone who is striving to become a Data Scientist and land that big job. What makes us different is getting you from zero to Data Scientist and holding your hand every step of the way. We know you have choices when it comes to your education, from books, seminars, blogs, and videos but we are thankful you have chosen us.


Due to his obsession with data, David Rojas founded Hedaro.com in 2013 with the goal of sharing his passion for data with all who would be willing to learn. After graduating with an Engineering degree from a top university and entering the data world, David taught himself all of the knowledge he now sells at Hedaro. Often being referred to as a 'Python Evangelist,' David has taught thousands of people across the globe various aspects of web visualizations, web development, and data analysis. He published his first book in 2015, Data Analysis and Business Modeling with Excel 2013 and has since created multiple tutorials that can be found on Amazon.com and the Kindle store.

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