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Pandas is the most popular and powerful tool available to perform the entire Data Analysis Life Cycle.

Gathering, Preparing, Analyzing, and Presenting Data

With Pandas you can gather data from flat files like CSV, text, Excel, and JSON.

You can also read in data from the various popular databases like:

Munging or cleaning data is a breeze in Pandas. From functions to clean up strings to functions that aggregate data, handle missing values, and provide descriptive statistics for further insights into your data.

On top of all this you can present your data using tables and visually impressive charts.

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You have always been very resourceful and independent when it comes to attaining new skills.

This has left you searching endlessly for answers to our questions through sites like:

If this sounds like your personality or if this is how you learn, then I hope the resources on this website might help you reach your goals.

I know that the last thing you want to do is pay someone when you can find the information online for free and then figure it all out yourself.

For those who don't have the time to search Google, over and over for answers, Hedaro is here to help.

Free course includes 11 Tutorials that will show you everything you need to become a ninja with Pandas

TESTIMONIALS what others are saying

Just a quick note letting you know how much I appreciate receiving your weekly email in regards to pandas in python. Not long ago I completed an online course with coursera and if I had your emails (or had known about your website) when I was doing it, it would have made the task so much easier. The way that you present your information is so much easier to understand, and I still find myself going “wow”, than if I was trying to fish around on stack overflow for the same. It was so frustrating to understand so many other web pages and get to the results I needed.

Thanks again.

I enjoyed your courses. I printed them out, read them and then got my plant data in a DataFrame.

Did have to poke around on the web to get a few answers but it now works great.

Thanks for the instructions.

With no hands-on experience in Web Data Visualization, the courses have been a great help to help me build my own projects.

I've downloaded the files and made it work! Lesson by lesson, you get to understand the structure and the syntax of the codes.

This is a very good tutorial that you apply after for your own needs. I cannot agree more that by the Hedaro method, is the best way!

By three weeks, I'm pretty amazed by my learning curve and the amazing functional data visualizations I've done it myself. Thanks again

I started to learn Python to use with SQL Server and spent hours (yes, literally hours) searching YouTube videos and reading on the web on how to use SQLAlchemy to connect to my SQLServer without much success. I found your video and clicked on your website to follow the instructions. Within minutes, I am connected to SQL Server.

Thank you, thank you for posting and educating us!

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